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Le jardin du Crouzet
" Make Yourself at Home "
Good Times

As grandparents, we pay special attention to our guest’s children. The farm is a magical kingdom for them to explore. From the mossy Japanese garden to the natural entrenchments, from the bridge made of branches, to the glittering waterfalls, they will enjoy hours of play time and discoveries. All over the farm there will be opportunities for them to have new experiences: climbing the hay bales or the old tractor, petting goats and cats, carefully feeding the hens, picking their delicate eggs, and discovering with wonder the warm newly hatched chicks.

Once, after coming back from visiting a pre-historic site, a creative father showed his children how to mix red clay and lime-stone together with charcoal in order to draw rock paintings. What a moment that was!

The pond is one of the most appealing features of our farm. It is separated from the lodge by a safety fence for your peace of mind. The kids will enjoy complicity and a lesson of patience if you’d like to fish with them for carp or roach. With a parent keeping a watchful eye on them, kids can learn to row (we provide buoys, inflatable arm bands, and life jackets). On warm days, they can paddle or swim in the pond’s fresh water, which is continually renewed by an underground spring.
dam building, beware the beavers   straw bales jumping   young and old   so soft and already so heavy   
Rouminette and Michenou   shared tenderness   some corn for every chickens   complicity  
looking for froggy friends?  ?   the joy of being together   water games for big and little champions   watchful and attentive  
sifting flour carefully    goat cheese processing   Preparing strawberries on my own   firecooking with friends  
blind man's bluff on the large trampoline   a fierce competition   Bike riding around Cendrieux   beautiful stories for wise kids  
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At the beginning of the stay, Paul will invites the children to seed cress in a tray. You will have the choice to take the sprouts with you when you go home.

Genevieve is popular amongst the kids when she mills wheat to bake warm, fresh bread. She also loves to show them, day after day, the steps involved the goat cheese preparation.  Genevieve is an amazing story teller that will captivate your children if they wish to hear a story. In the kid’s bedroom, a small library with a wide range of books awaits them, as well as a play area with wooden blocks, dolls and various other toys. We have a large trampoline in the meadow, and under the canopy, balls, juggling props, bicycles, a wagon, a foosball and a ping pong table.