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Le jardin du Crouzet
" Make Yourself at Home "
On the 45th parallel

Périgord straddles the 45th parallel, which actually crosses our farm. We are ideally located half way between the North Pole and the Equator. We are also 15 miles from Limeuil, one of the most beautiful villages of France. Limeuil overlooks the confluence of the pre-historic valley of the Vezere River, and the Dordogne River - valley of castles and beautiful gardens.  Our lodges are also located at the junction of purple, black and white Périgord. Purple represents the wines, black is for the deep forests and white is for the limestone soil.

Perigueux, which is two millenniums old, is 29 km. away (18 miles).
Sarlat, medieval jewel, is 44 km. away (27 miles).
Bergerac, heart of the vineyards, is 39 km. away (24 miles).
The Périgord offers an infinite number of places to visit, with prices ranging from €3.00 - €11.00. The choice is large between the 27 pre-historic sites with cave paintings or stalactites, 43 castles that bear witness to our history, 30 outstanding parks and gardens and 60 amazing museums. There is also a wide range of sporting activities (river canoeing, adventure trails) and various festivities and concerts.  

Beynac and the river Dordogne   Magnifiscent Sarlat   Lascaux decorated caves   Fenelon castle  
Cadiot gardens   Gisson manor in Sarlat   Montferrand du Périgord chapel's frescoes   canoeing on river Dordogne  
horse riding in river Dordogne   Flowered villages with golden stone houses  
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We can recommend some free activities and tours, depending on your interests: for example, a stroll, a tour guide handy, in the narrow streets of Perigueux, Sarlat, Bergerac or even Brantôme, the Venice of Périgord. You might also like to discover a chapel with naïve murals, walk around the yellow-stone villages, look for a craftsman at work, visit a local farmer’s market, or maybe browse in a flea market or a vineyard.

And why not meet other “Accueil Paysan” members, basket makers, weavers, sculptors, wine makers, eco-builders, lamb breeders, cul noirs (a rare breed free-range pork also called Gascon pig) or vintage poultry breeders, aromatic plants growers, truffle, apple and nut producers, etc. All these artists and farmers will take pride in sharing with you about their choice of life, their passion and ideals.